Hello authors/publishers!

Thank you for visiting Bookmark Dragon!  If you are interested in having me review a book, feel free to contact me at bookmarkdragonemail@gmail.com.  I am currently open to review requests for physical books/ARCs only.  I am not currently accepting eBooks, eARCs, or any form of digital review copies.

Bookmark Dragon focuses primarily on fiction, including: 

High Fantasy
Low Fantasy
Science Fiction
Magical Realism

I review mostly Adult and YA titles, especially ones that offer a lot of teen to adult crossover-appeal.  
While I focus primarily on fiction, I do read a limited number of nonfiction novels.  I am not currently accepting middle grade titles, or any erotica, horror, self-help, or graphic novels. 

Reviews include:
Publication details (title, author, summary, etc.)
How I received the book (from publisher, author, library, etc.)
Cover image
Links to Amazon
My honest opinion
A 1-5 star rating 
Review in a GIF

All reviews are promoted through Twitter and Facebook. 

DNF Policy:
If I find that a book doesn’t work for me, I do reserve the option to DNF (did-not-finish). If this is the case, I will still review the part of the book I read, as well as outlining the reasons why I elected not to finish.  (This is rare.  My personality is such that I usually finish every book I start, whether or not I enjoy it.)

Giveaway Policy:
I host a fairly limited number of giveaways, but if you have a book or bookish swag you'd like to promote that you think will appeal to my readers, send me an email and I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

If you’d like me to consider a book for review, please email me at bookmarkdragonemail@gmail.com

I am committed to being honest with my readers.  All book reviews on Bookmark Dragon are my personal and honest opinion. I am not paid to review any of the books discussed on this blog.  I am an Amazon affiliate. This means that if you click a link and make a purchase from Amazon, I may get a (very) small commission.  (It's about enough to allow me to get a cheeseburger once a year.)

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