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Dream Cast List: Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

I recently finished Pierce Brown's Morning Star (review coming soon!) which means I've got the Red Rising Trilogy on the brain.  It's been a while since I've done a dream cast list, so how about it?  Have you read this series?  What did you think?  Tell me your thoughts about my picks!

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Darrow played by Liam Hemsworth
Character Info: Protagonist, conflicted rebellion leader, described post-transformation as being angular, strong, brave, secretive, over 7' tall with golden hair, skin, and eyes.
Comments: I'm not sure Liam would want to do another adaptation since he just finished Hunger Games not too long ago, but I think he fits the Darrow look, and he's appropriately teen-heart-throb-y, so ratings.

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Mustang played by Georgina Haig
Character Info: Brilliant Gold, very clever and calculating, an excellent strategist and diplomat.  Accused of being manipulative.  Described as slender with gold hair and eyes.
Comments: This one is hard to cast, since Mustang needs to have the right combination of clever, vulnerable, and deadly.  Who would you cast?

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Cassius played by Dylan O-Brien
Character Info: Arrogant and charming Gold, excellent fighter, believes in honor.  Described as being exceptionally handsome, having curly golden hair and a big smile.
Comments: Am I right or am I right?

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Sevro played by Richard Harmon
Character Info: Sneaky, witty, and crude Gold whose loyalty is hard to get, but once you have it he's yours for life.  Leader of the Howlers.
Comments: I'm not even going to take any other suggestions here.  It's Harmon as Sevro or else the entire production is getting shut down.

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The Jackal played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Character Info: A brilliant Gold psychopath, sister to Virginia, son to Nero, loyal to himself before all others.
Comments: I just want to see him as the bad guy.  Something tells me he'd be fantastic.

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Nero au Augustus played by Jason Lewis
Character Info: ArchGovernor of Mars, father to Mustang and the Jackal, cold, calculating, at war with House Bellona.
Comments: I like his combination of intrigue and sharpness.

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Octavia au Lune played by Robin Wright
Character Info: The Sovereign of Society, arrogant, ruthless, but not a hypocrite- she really believes in the Society.
Comments: I went back and forth between Wright and Cate Blanchette, and I think both would work fine.  But I think Wright has just a touch more grit.  Personal preference, I suppose.

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Victra played by Cara Delevingne
Character Info: A powerful Gold, ruthless and blunt with trust issues.  Described as having nearly white blonde hair. Half sister to Antonia.
Comments: Could be awesome, no?

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Ragnar Volaris played by Dave Bautista
Character Info: A Stained Obsidian, one of the strongest and most deadly fighters in the galaxy.  Loyal to the rebellion.  Wise, massive, and stoic.
Comments: Recognize him from Guardians of the Galaxy?  He was awesome there, and he'd be awesome here too.

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Pax au Telemanus played by Josh Herdman
Character Info: Large Gold who is a student at the Institute with Darrow.  Values loyalty and friendship.
Comments: I wouldn't say that Pax is a Slytherin.  But I do sometimes think we sort too early.

Image result for Rachel Skarsten
Antonia played by Rachel Skarsten
Character Info: A fellow student at the Institute with Darrow.  Described as beautiful, scornful, and cruel.  Half-sister to Victra.
Comments: I think Rachel has Antonia's intensity.

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Tactus played by Rami Malek
Character Info: A somewhat lost Gold, prefers sex and drugs to real relationships, tries to believe in friendship but struggles with his demons.  A bit of a loose cannon.
Comments: Because every film is better with Rami.

Aja played by Danai Gurira
Character Info: The Sovereign's chief bodyguard, perhaps the most skilled fighter alive, fiercely loyal to the Sovereign's cause.  Described as tall with dark skin.
Comments: I love her strength and ferocity.  She would make a great Aja.

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Fitchner played by Mackenzie Crook
Character Info: Sevro's father, a gruff and crass Gold with many scars.  Praetor at the Institute in Book 1.  Called a "bronze" (offensive term among Golds).
Comments: There's something about him that screams Fitchner to me, even though he's probably not the obvious choice.
  Image result for Ki Hong Lee
Roque played by Ki Hong Lee 
Character Info: Quiet and pensive Gold with an affinity for literature and nature.  Unusually gentle for a Gold.  Brilliant strategic mind.  Often called "The Poet."
Comments: I'm just a big fan of his.

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Quinn played by Antonia Thomas
Character Info: A fellow Gold at the Institute with Darrow.  Loyal to the rebellion.
Comments: YES.

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Eo played by Anna Popplewell
Character Info: A Red, Darrow's wife, a dreamer with a strong spirit who left a huge impact on her society.
Comments: I like Popplewell's aura of wisdom and spirit.  It doesn't take much more than that to spark a rebellion.

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Lorn au Arcos played by Mickey Rourke
Character Info: Renown Gold warrior and blademaster.  Teacher of many of the younger skilled warriors.  Older and scarred, but still believed to be one of the best fighters alive.
Comments: I'm not sold on this one.  But I can't find anyone else who I like more.

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Evey played by Margot Robbie
Character Info: A Pink who had wings crafted onto her body by Mickey.  Passionate and beautiful with green eyes.
Comments: It's not a huge part, but Margot would do nicely.

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Mickey played by Johnny Depp
Character Info: A Violet and a Carver responsible for Darrow's transformation.  Eccentric.
Comments:  Well Depp certainly has eccentric down pat.

What do you think?  Do you agree with my choices?  Who would you cast?  Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I only read half of the first book and gave up. It just wasn't my thing. But I love your casting. Lots of eye candy.

  2. I haven't read the books yet. I want to, though. And, I think I'll like them. I didn't read what you said about the characters since I don't know them anyway, but I liked seeing your list of actors. I think it's great three of them are in The Maze Runner. I also like the other actors. I think they're all fantastic actors and I think they'd do a great job in whatever role they do.

    1. I avoided spoilers in the character bios, so don't worry about that. I do like the Maze Runner films, so it makes sense that I would gravitate towards those actors. :) Glad you liked the list!

  3. I'm not familiar with a lot of these actors, but I think Liam would make an awesome Darrow! I would pick Thomas Brodie-Sangster to play Sevro instead. I love your casting posts!

    1. Thanks! I love making these casting posts. :) Brodie-Sangster would def make a good Sevro too. Those two characters are oddly similar, don't you think?


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