Friday, August 7, 2015

Feature Friday: Alternative Book Covers

Some covers are so iconic, it's hard to imagine a book with any other image representing it.  So I loved this article, simply because it suggested alternate images to go with classic novels.  It makes me wonder, do these cover images make you more or less interested in these books?  How much does a cover image determine whether or not you read something?  I have freely admitted that cover images can do a lot to sway me one way or another.  Are you the same way?  What do you think of these alternate book covers?  Tell me your thoughts!

From Spears:

george orwell 1984
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Image credit: Ben Jones

The Catcher in the Rye
catcher in the rye
Image credit: Beth Elaine Austin

The Curious Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
dr jekyll
Image credit: Jason Edmiston

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Image credit: Rowan Stocks-Moore

The Origin of Species
origin of species
Image credit: Delicious Design League

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
one flew over the cuckoo's nest
Image credit: AJ Hateley

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
the wonderful wizard of oz
Image credit: Paul Bartlett 

The Twits
the twits
Image credit: Craig Munro


  1. Ooo great post! I am definitely a 'judge a book by its cover' type. If the plot is good and the cover is bad, I'll still read it, but if the cover is amazing too then I'll feel more excited about reading it for some reason. Colourful book designs are great and I do find that when a book has multiple covers, I'll immediately become biased towards a certain one and only want to collect the series in that style or something. It's a tiny bookish pet peeve of mine to have a series with the same cover design style!

    1. I'm totally with you! I'm hugely guilty of judging books by their covers. I think book cover art can do so much to either sell the book or make me disinterested. I've read books purely because I liked its cover, and turned down books because I didn't like its cover. Right or wrong, it's a fact of life for me that covers are a huge determining factor in my book selection.

  2. Oh sad. I can't see any of the covers. :( But, I'm definitely a covers person. I often pick up books just because I love their cover. If the cover isn't as awesome, I'll still read a book, but covers really do make a different to me in catching my eye, especially for books and/or authors I'm not familiar with.

    1. I can see them now! Woot woot! Those are some crazy covers, but I like them!

    2. Oh good, so glad the imaging issue worked out! The Wizard of Oz cover particularly threw me. It fits the story, but wow it gives it a totally different tone, I think. Covers are huge to me, too.

  3. I love when they revamp classic book covers. I like to collect my favorite classics with all the different covers.

    1. What a great idea for a collection! There are a few classics with some really gorgeous covers. Pride And Prejudice in particular comes to mind.


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