Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ten Books That Feature Diverse Protagonists

I'm participating in today's Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's prompt is:

Ten Books That Feature Diverse Protagonists

Diversity is such a wonderful thing.  How boring would it be if we were all the same?  Books featuring diversity give us the chance to experience the world through the eyes of someone different from us, an extremely valuable (and, I'd argue, vital) practice for anyone.  Here are ten books that feature diverse protagonists for your reading pleasure.  

Lara Jean is half white, half Korean, and all adorable.  Her story is sure to resonate with anyone who has a sister, who has ever had a crush, or who has ever been to high school.  I liked this book, but the rest of the blogosphere loved this book.

Khalid and Shahrzad's story is overflowing with Arabic influences.  The food, clothing, customs, architecture, and even the names of the characters made me want to visit the Middle East.  Or at least eat some baklava. 

Sudasa's story takes place in a futuristic India.  Also, that cover is rad.

Speaking of gorgeous covers, this book.  Wen is clearly of Asian ancestry, and this book tackles racism head on.  Can't wait to read the sequel!!

Ananna's world is fictional, and full of fictional beings.  But I liked that the entire human cast was not white.  A too-large percentage of fantasy books take place in worlds that resemble Medieval Europe.  

Liyana lives in a desert tribe, whose customs and beliefs make me think this book could easily take place in Saudi Arabia, or maybe Egypt.  Also, this book is really highly underrated.  I wish more people read it, so they could experience the magic, too.

Elisa is not your typical queen in many ways.  But this series is refreshingly unique in that not only does Elisa bend expectations, but so does the whole cast: the good guys have darker skin, and the bad guys have lighter skin.

This adult contemporary novel is like a batch of fresh, warm bread.  I loved getting lost in it, and have recommended it many, many times.  (It takes place in Japan, and the characters are Japanese.)

Here's a nonfiction option for you!  McBride is half white, half black.  His novel describes his own life, and the life of members of his family, with an honesty that makes you realize that flawed people are often still good people.

I can't make this list without this book.  It's one of my favorites.  Pi is Indian, very young, and possesses one of the most interesting minds I've ever encountered.

What are some of your favorite books that feature non-white protagonists?  I'd love to add to my list!!


  1. I really need to read some of these. The Assassin's Curse sounds up my alley as does The Wrath and the Dawn. And, I've wanted to read Life of Pi for a while, but I just haven't got around to it.

    1. I love love love all three of those books! I hope you have the chance to read them someday, they're a real treat.

  2. Great list! I love that you also included The Wrath and the Dawn. I loved the world and of course Shazi. Life of Pi is also a great pick. And I'm planning to read Of Metal and Wishes soon so I'm glad you liked it and put it on this list.
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    1. Thanks! Those are all great books. This is a great time to read Of Metal and Wishes since its sequel is about to come out.


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