Friday, February 27, 2015

Feature Friday: How to Name Your Lit Magazine

I thought this infographic was pretty hilarious.  I feel like a lit mag is basically a website or a blog in today's world, and I had the hardest time choosing a name for this blog.  Where was this guide in October 2013??  Apparently my lit mag/blog should be named  (I'm alright with Bookmark Dragon, though.  Particularly since I don't currently live in the Midwest.)  What about you??

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Source: Electric Literature


  1. Mine should be southern quarterly. Hmmm. I have always wanted to move south. ;)

  2. I really wanted Big Booboos Daily but mine is :)

  3. Fantastic Monarch Review!
    My last name starts with a Danish letter that you guys don't have - Ø - so I went with my second letter instead xD
    Otherwise I could have gone with with my middle name as a last name which I usually do, and then it would have been: Fantastic Onions Journal of Flash Fictions xD

    - Love, Felicia

    1. You've got a bunch of great options there! Though I do like the idea of calling your mag/blog a monarch. :)

  4. Evil Moon Review. Hmmm... can't decide if that's exactly wrong or exactly perfect for me...


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