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Dream Cast List: Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

Raise your hand if you're a Throne of Glass groupie.  

Everyone?  That's what I thought.  (If you're not, GET OUT.  Just kidding.  We accept all types here.)  (But I do recommend picking up the series.)  (Shocker.)

This series is so insane, addictive, exhilarating, and chalk full of feels.  I am loving this story more and more with each book.  If for some reason the anticipation doesn't completely murder me before September 1st, I will be first in line at Barnes and Noble at midnight to get my copy of Queen of Shadows.  

In the meantime, I'll drown my anxiety from that Heir of Fire ending by making a dream cast list.  (We all have our coping mechanisms, right?)

**Edited 6/10/16 to include a few more characters and casting ideas**

Chaol Westfall played by Max Irons or Leslie Odom Jr.
Character Info: Captain of the Guard at the palace.  Likes order and discipline.  A man of honor and integrity.
Comments: Do you know Odom?  I was impressed by his acting chops in Smash, and he's now starring in the musical everyone is talking about, Hamilton, so obviously he's extremely talented.  But I think Max could do a good job too.  Whoever plays Chaol has to have a certain amount of quiet intensity.  Which both Leslie and Max would provide.

Dorian Havillard played by Sam Clafin or Chris Pine

Character Info: Prince of Ardalan and heir to the throne.  Friend to Chaol.  Charming womanizer and loyal friend.  In possession of a much better heart than his father.  Described as having black hair and sapphire eyes.
Comments: I think both Chris and Sam have the depth to pull of Dorian's charm, regal air, and terrified secrets all at once.  

Nehemia Ytger played by Lupita Nyong'o
Character Info: The Princess of the neighboring kingdom of Eyllwe.  Close friends with Celaena.  Dedicated to helping her people.
Comments: Let's just agree that any film with Lupita in it is awesome, including this fictional film.  Yes?

The King of Ardalan played by Richard Armitage

Character Info: Ruler of Ardalan.  Keeper of dark secrets.  Ambitious schemer and all-around bad dude.
Comments: I just want to see Richard play a really evil part.  Something tells me he could pull it off tremendously well.

Manon played by Mary-Kate Olsen

Character Info: An Ironteeth Witch.  Described as having silver hair and golden eyes.
Comments: This witch doesn't show up until Heir of Fire, but I loved every chapter she appeared in.

Rowan played by Zach McGowan or Jason Momoa

Character Info: Hardened fae warrior.  Maybe my favorite ToG character to date.  
Comments: You'll recognize Zach as the prince of Ice Nation, if you're a fan of The 100.  That's the only work of Zach's that I'm familiar with, but considering how much intensity he has in that role, I think he'd make a great Rowan.  But I also think Jason would also make a fabulous Rowan as well.  (Plus, he already has a fair amount of scarring that fits this character well.)

Aedion played by Tom Hiddleston or Josh Holloway

Character Info: I cannot describe his role without revealing spoilers, so I'll just say that I was surprised when I fell in love with this character.
Comments: Loki or Sawyer???  Questions like these plague me at night.

Duke Perrington played by Viggo Mortensen or Peter Weller

Character Info: The King of Ardalan's right-hand man.
Comments: The Duke has an air of menacing mystery to him.  As do both these actors.  (Yes, Aragorn is kind of scary, even if he's a good guy.)

Kaltain played by Ashley Greene or Lindsey Morgan

Character Info: She appears on the scene in the first book as someone who might want Darion for his throne.  Beautiful, shrewd, ambitious, and manipulative. 
Comments: I feel like Kaltain could be played by anyone in Hollywood.  But Ashley and Lindsey fit Kaltain's look in my mind.

Cain played by Shan-Yu from Disney's Mulan

Character Info: Cain is the big baddie of book 1, a man whose strength far surpasses others.  
Comments: A friend suggested this casting, and now I can't imagine it any other way.

Archer played by Jude Law

Character Info: A beautiful and somewhat ambiguously motivated male courtesan.
Comments: This is one of those rare moments when I absolutely cannot see anyone else but one actor in the role.  It MUST be Jude Law.

Sam Cortland played by Evan Peters

Character Info: One of the first things we learn about Sam in the books is that he has died, and that he was a former lover of Celaena's.
Comments: Sam only makes an appearance in the prequels, but I thought his character seemed important enough that if this series ever were to be made into a film or TV show, he would likely show up, even if just in flashbacks.


nervous animated GIF

Celaena Sardothien played by ????
Character Info:  This story's protagonist, an accomplished assassin with a complicated history and many, many enemies.  Described as having platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes ringed with gold.  
Comments: Celaena is SO HARD to cast.  Seriously.  In my head when I'm reading, I picture a young Laura Harris to play Celaena (Dead Like Me, anyone??) but since she's currently nearly 40 years old, she obviously won't fit in this role in real life.  

But, my problem is that I don't have a second choice.  I've considered Annalynne McCord or Natalie Dormer or Teresa Palmer.  I also was considering Emilia Clarke, Lindsey Morgan, Lyndsy Fonseca, or Pitch Perfect's Brittany Snow.  Gemma Ward has the looks, but maybe not the acting chops.  I was leaning towards Eleanor Tomlinson (from Death Comes to Pemberley) for a while, but worry that she's not very assassin-ish.  

Who would you prefer??  I really cannot decide.  She has to have the right balance between vulnerable and playful and ruthless and beautiful and defiant and overwhelmed and totally hard core.  It's a tall order.  Right now I think Adelaide Kane is my top choice (from Reign).  Obviously she would have to wear a wig and contacts, but with the right makeover, she could be perfect:

What do you think?  There are a lot of characters in these books, so I didn't cast everyone.  Which of the characters that I left out would you like to see cast?  With which choices do you agree or disagree?  Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Yayyyyyy! I've been waiting and waiting for this! I just picked up the second book yesterday and will probably start it tomorrow. I love your pick for Celaena. Richard Armitage plays a super super bad guy in the Robin Hood series and I think he pulls villain off much better than hero. I haven't met some of these characters yet so I will have to return to this post when I finish the next book... but as I said before, I love your picks for Chaol, Dorian, and obviously Cain. Loving this!!

    1. Def come back after reading CoM and HoF. I'd love to hear your opinions on those characters as well. Glad you see the potential in these choices!
      PS- I don't think I've seen that Robin Hood, but it doesn't surprise me that he makes a good villain. Something about him screams "bad guy" to me.

  2. I'm not a Throne of Glass fan (I know, unpopular opinion >_<) but I like to see Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) as Celaena. She's so fiesty in GoT.

    1. I actually don't watch the GoT show, but I've read the books so I who Margaery Tyrell is! Natalie Dormer could be a great Celaena, though she looks a little different in my head. But she certainly has the acting ability.

  3. Replies
    1. She does have a lot of people who like her for Celaena, but I'd prefer her in a more Mannon type role.

  4. TERESA PALMER. she'd would be PERFECT. she has a perfect smirk for Aelin, and can totally balance out all of Aelins personalitys in one! she got the experience, but none of her movies images will stick with her. She be perfect for Aelin.

    1. She could be good, but she looks kind of girlish to me. Not quite mature enough. But I haven't seen any of her work since Warm Bodies, so maybe I just need to catch up!

    2. You should watch I am number four because Teresa Palmer totally kicks ass in that movie!

    3. Oh yeah, I forgot she was in that one! It's easier to imagine her as a hard core character after watching I Am Number Four. She still doesn't quite match the Celaena in my head, but I can see where you're coming from.

  5. Replies
    1. Haha! I see you're dedicated to Teresa. I still think Adelaide would be perfect, but I'm not against Teresa. We'll see. :)

  6. Me and my friend have discussed this at great length recently (just got her hooked on the series). Ian Somerholder (Damon from Vampire Diaries) would be a great Dorian. I think someone like Chace Crawford for Chaol, a bit pretty but still manly. Celaena is definitely the most difficult no one has all of the perfect components but I'm swaying towards Elizabeth Olson or Eliza Taylor. They've both proved they can be bad assessment and Olson has the pointy features. Maybe Taylor is a little round faced but her eyes are just amazing and so much of the books draw back to her eyes.
    Most of your suggestions I agree with except maybe Aedion I always imagined him like Chris Hemsworth - wishful thinking I know!

    1. Haha, well I would never say no to Chris Hemsworth in any role. He can be Celaena for all I care, so long as he's in the film. :) A young Ian Somerholder could have been a great Dorian, but I worry that he's too old now. Chace Crawford is a good choice for Chaol too. I'm a fan of The 100 so it's hard for me to say no to Eliza Taylor, but she doesn't quite match the look in my head for Celaena. I can totally see where you're coming from, though. Between the two, I think I'd prefer Elizabeth Olson. Great comment, I can tell you've put a lot of thought into this! Glad I'm not the only one. :)

  7. How about Avril lavigne? She could do definitely do it!

    1. I agree with Avril's look, but I'm not aware if she acts. I thought she was a singer, not an actress? Am I totally off here?


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