Friday, November 21, 2014

Feature Friday: Rowling's Revelations

Though the last "Harry Potter" book was published more than seven years ago, Rowling has spilled many secrets related to the series over the years through Q-and-A's, Twitter, her website and Pottermore. Let's take a look at the tidbits she's tossed to her fans over the past few years.
Harry Potter fans need only glance at the millions of pages of fanfiction based in the Potter world to know how rich this story is: the wizarding history, the culture, and, above all, the characters make these books ridiculously epic.  But what more can be known about this world that isn't in the books?  Rowling has revealed bits here and there over the years, over which fans have gone appropriately gaga.  (Did Hagrid ever marry?  What were Ron, Hermione, and Harry's professions after Hogwarts?  What was the one question Rowling dreaded being asked before the seventh book was released?)  I thought this compilation of those tidbits, complete with a timeline of when they were released, was excellent.  Enjoy.

Goodbye, productivity.  Hello, Potter trivia.  :)


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