Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Third Quarter Reading Report

A little known fact about me is that I am head-over-heels in love with Excel.  

No, I do not have a pet named Excel.  

I am referring to the Microsoft program that allows you to make charts and graphs to your heart's content.  I have a strongly analytic personality, so being able to break down information into informative and visually appealing charts appeals to both my organizational and my creative sides.  I love it.  

(I can just feel your eyes glazing over.  Who publicly professes their love for Excel??  But bear with me, I have a point.)

As you may or may not have guessed, I also love books.  (Shocker.)  So when I saw that  Janssen from Everyday Reading was hosting a link up showcasing everyone's third-quarter reading lists for anyone who want's to participate, I immediately saw an opportunity to merge both my love for books AND my love for Excel into the same post, and I jumped at the chance.  

(Yes, I do tend to get excited at really small things, why do you ask?)


I loved going through these books, and remembering the best and worst of those three months.  I invite you to participate as well, should you feel so inclined.  (And if you do, be sure to link up at Everyday Reading!)  

Without further ado, I give you my...

This third quarter was an overwhelmingly positive one.  Many of the books I read I rated at least 4 stars.  From July-September 2014 I read 11 books.  They are:

  • After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid - Rarely do I simultaneously disagree and completely adore a book like I did this one.  The premise reminds me a little of Landline by Rainbow Rowell, but I liked this one even better.
  • Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn - I am a major Shinn groupie, I admit it.  I read this one and Archangel to hold me over until she released the last book in her Elemental Blessings series.  Both were worth it - her characterization is incredible, and her books always have a really awesome aftertaste.
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown - Well this book certainly won't make you feel neutral.  You'll either love it or hate it.  Fortunately for me, I loved it.  (Despite a little disgruntlement that it didn't pass the Bechdel Test.)
  • Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson - I wanted to like this book.  Really, I did.  Unfortunately it did not sit well with me, and I was really glad when it was over.
  • Archangel by Sharon Shinn - See Mystic and Rider above for my Sharon Shinn fangirling.
  • Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge - Part of it was the narrator and part of it was the story, but I really despised this book.  Surprising, since I generally love fairy tale retellings.
  • Landline by Rainbow Rowell - Rowell does it again.  Though it wasn't my favorite of hers, Rowell is still is miles above 95% of the world in terms of storytelling.
  • Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo - A brilliant and heartwrenching ending to a phenomenal series.  
  • We Were Liars by E. Lockhart - I can't tell you why I loved this book without giving anything away, but suffice it to say, I really did.  Love this book, that is.  If you have read it, I'd love to discuss.
  • Dangerous by Shannon Hale - Just when I think I've got Hale figured out, she throws this book at me.  I was surprised at how much I liked it, since I usually prefer her adult work to her YA or MG work.  But like it I did.
  • The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith - This book left me with a major book hangover.  I couldn't read anything else for days afterwards, until I finally came to terms with the fact that none of the next fifty books I read will have a plot this carefully and precisely written.  Really, really good, despite having nearly every character by unlikable.
And here are some graphs breaking down my third-quarter reading:

It's been fun analyzing my third quarter reading!  Thanks to Janssen for hosting the link up, and for giving me an excuse to use Excel.  :)


  1. I ALSO LOVE EXCEL. This is clearly one of the reasons we're friends. I LOVE IT. All of it. So much.

  2. If you guys ever get a dog or hamster or goldfish or pet rock, you need to convince Maddie to let you name it Excel. That is brilliant.

    1. You're on. (Though, I'd be interested to see what makes she comes up with on her own...)

  3. I'm totally intrigued by After I Do. Must find a copy ASAP!

    1. I definitely recommend it! There's so much to digest in this book, all while being extremely entertaining. Definitely worth the read.


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