Friday, October 24, 2014

Feature Friday: Framing the Pages of Books as Art in Your Home

Have you noticed this trend?  Images of people who have used the pages of books as art in their home seems to be popping up all over my Pinterest feed lately.  I love this trend (shocker) and am fighting the urge to completely redecorate my daughter's room immediately.  Really, though, a lot of these ideas are really inspiring and totally doable.  Take a look:

Framing pages from picture books is darling in this nursery.
Pages of a favorite storybook framed - great nursery gallery!  --- nursery rhymes would be cool too

Use the pages of old books as wallpaper in a guest room!  It's a conversation starter, as well as entertainment if your guests get bored.  (Not that your guests would ever get bored...)
Book pages as wallpaper. This would be awesome for an accent wall in a study!

Take a page out of a classic and put a silhouette of the story on top!  I don't think I would ever be capable of purposefully removing pages from a book, but I have to admit the end result looks nice:
What an awesome idea...take a page from your favorite story, draw silhouettes of the characters over the words, and frame it. Easy and cheap!

Another really cute collection of images from children's books.  Seriously, wouldn't these just be adorable in a kid's room?
great idea of a nursery. Just frame pages from a vintage nursery rhyme book.

And, my personal favorite, enlarge the cover (or just a single page) from a favorite book and frame it in your front room.  I seriously love this idea.
enlarged framed book page (or extended excerpt), use of floor lamps behind couch which frees the surface of small end tables. The New Victorian Ruralist: FABLE + FLAME

What else would you add?


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