Thursday, June 5, 2014

Artwork Inspired by Classic Literature

I have fond memories of the art hanging in my home growing up.  Unlike the paint colors or the furniture, the art was an unchanging staple in the background of my childhood, watching over my siblings and me.  Now whenever I see those pieces of art I get that happy, warm feeling that can only be associated with home. 

I love art, and it's important to me to have art in my home, but we young broke newlyweds had very little of it for the first few years of our marriage.  Now that we're slightly less broke,I've been able to add a couple of pieces, but I'd love more.

As I've been art-hunting, I've noticed some really awesome literary art out there.  There are so many talented people in the world, and I've been so impressed with how these artists have incorporated literature into their artwork.  Here are some of my favorites:

Artist Christian Jackson has a whole series of minimalist art based on children's books.  They would be so fun as a collage on the wall of a kid's room.  Some of my faves: 

I've posted about this Moby-Dick artwork before, but it's worth re-posting because it's just so awesome.

And in case you thought nerdy fan art was a thing of the 21st century...

What literary art do you like?


  1. These are awesome. I want that Moby Dick print.

    1. So glad you like them! The Moby-Dick one is my favorite too. I really want a copy for my house... COUGH COUGH spouse...


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