Thursday, April 3, 2014

Library Loves and Woes

So, you know by now that I've been reading The Selection series by Kiera Cass lately.  (I even made a cast list.)  I can't wait until May 6th so that I can read the final book in the series!  I MUST KNOW HOW IT ENDS.

However, I have some problems. 

Problem 1: It's not in my library's catalog.

I use my library a lot.  I like buying books, but the cost adds up, so for financial reasons I've been trying to use my library more.  I love the library, my daughter loves the library's toys (and their books... but mostly their toys), it's close by my house, and the staff is efficient and friendly.  But their selection (ha, pun) is substandard.  It is not unusual for me to try and put a book on hold, only to discover that the library does not own that book.  It's happened to me before that I've requested that the library obtain a book I want to read, only to be turned down by the library.  I know funds are limited at the library, but it's still discouraging when this happens to me.  The One (book 3 in The Selection series) is not in my library's catalog, despite the other two books already being in the system.  (I know they can add books to the system before they're released so that people can put them on hold ahead of time.  Allegiant was available to put on hold months before it was released.)  

Problem 2: I can't yet request that the library obtain it.

My library has a policy that you can't request that the library acquire new books before their release date, so I can't even request that they obtain it yet.  This happened to me with Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi, too.  The library had books 1 and 2, but not book 3.  I couldn't request it until its release date, so once the release date came I promptly requested it...

Problem 3: The world does not revolve around me

...which they did (yes!) BUT it took the library several weeks before they acquired it (no!).  And then, they didn't inform me that they had decided to add the book to their system, despite their assurances that they would inform me of their decision in a timely manner.  So I just happened to stumble across its listing while I was placing a few other holds online.  Luckily I caught it when I did, because I was only hold number 16.  (Not hold number 1,276 like I was for Allegiant by Veronica Roth.)  The result was that I just picked up my copy of Into the Still Blue from the library YESTERDAY.  The release date was two months ago.  

People, I cannot go through that stress again.  I cannot wait two extra months after The One's release date to read it.  I will die if I have to wait until JULY.

Clearly, I'm nothing if not calm and measured.

Is this normal?  Are libraries usually a little behind trilogy release dates?  Is it possible to speed up the process at all?  Anyone have any experience with this?  

Anyway, the way I see it, I have three options:

Option 1: Buy the book when it comes out

Pros: I don't have to wait!  I can start reading immediately!  Hooray!
Cons: Money.  Also, my OCD will require me to purchase the other two books in the series, because I cannot handle owning an incomplete series.  So, more money.

Option 2: Get it from the library, if/when it becomes available

Pros: Free!  I'm supporting my local library!
Cons: The library might decline to add it, or even if they do add it, it will take a long time before it's added, and even longer before it's my turn to check it out.

Option 3: Suffer a nervous breakdown, forcing the publisher to send me a copy for my health

Pros: Free!
Cons: Hospital food.

Help!  What should I do??  

Tell me, have you been in this situation before?  What's your library like?  Are you planning on buying The One?  CAN I BORROW IT ON MAY 7TH?!??

Note: This is not meant to bash my local library.  I love libraries and am so glad I live near one.  However, I have been underwhelmed by their selection, and am wondering whether I should just go back to buying more books rather than waiting/hoping that my library will get around to carrying what I want to read.  Le sigh.


  1. I'm assuming you use a county library? All residents of the county are also entitled to a city library card, which is a different system. According to their catalog, the city public library is expecting to purchase 9 copies of The One (there are currently 11 holds). You'd have to make a bit of a drive, but you can request to pick up the books at any city library location.

    1. Oooh LaShel that's a great tip!! Thanks, I'll definitely get on that!

  2. Do you have a Kindle? My library allows us to check out ebooks on Kindle (or to read on the computer...). Often, there are long lists for both, but the ebook always seems to come through faster. And, you absolutely cannot beat checking out a book within the 3 minutes it takes to log in and check out...all from the comfort of your own bed.

    1. I'm afraid I'm not much of an e-reader, though I might have to start if that's the fastest way to get this book in my hands! I'll have to check if my library is planning on obtaining an e-copy... :)


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