Thursday, February 13, 2014

Literary Matchmaking

So I was thinking about Valentines Day, and about some of my favorite fictional literary heroes and heroines, and I wondered what would happen if I could play a cross-novel literary matchmaker for a day.  If so, here's who I would pair...

Both born into powerful families with ruthlessly ambitious parents, these two would either run the world or be AA buddies.  Or both.

They're both insufferably idealistic and optimistic, but I think they'd make each other happy.

With their combined resourcefulness and determination, I'm pretty sure we'd see their bid for Prime Minister before they're 25.

With their understanding of politics and mutual thirst for adventure, this would a fearsome couple anywhere from board meetings to pirate ships.

Just because I always felt like Charlotte got the short end of the stick and I want her to be happy.

Just think!  They could be emo piles of angst together!

No crime would be safe from their sharp eyes and unfailing intuition.  (Langdon will have to suddenly age a fair bit for this to work, though.)

They're both passionate and fearless enough to fight any battle that needs to be fought, from the Civil Rights to the French Revolution.

They can bond over their obsessive loves of their respective preciousessssssss.

Although they would find some nefarious companionship in each other, the rest of us better book our flights to the moon.

What bookish characters would you pair?

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