Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book-to-Film: The Jungle Book

Folks, there are not one but TWO Jungle Books adaptations in the works.

From The Guardian

Mexican auteur Alejandro González Iñárritu... is being lined up to direct a big-budget adaptation of The Jungle Book, it has been reported.  ...However, this live-action Jungle Book, written by Harry Potter's Steve Kloves and back by Warner Bros, is facing serious competition in the shape of a similar project from Disney, which earlier this year was reported to have attached Iron Man's Jon Favreau as director. Disney recently confirmed an October 2015 release date for their movie, so it would appear their project is well advanced.

Let the Warner Bros vs. Disney showdown commence.  

It seems like movie trends are moving away from fairy tales and towards live-action remakes of classic Disney films.  (Snow White came out twice not too long ago in the form of Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman; The Sleeping Beauty remake Maleficent is coming out soon; A Cinderella remake is on its way, with a couple of Downton Abbey stars cast as Cinderella and Drizella; etc.)

With all these remakes going on, I would like to know WHY no one has optioned doing an Aladdin or Mulan remake?!?  Those stories are just awesome.


  1. On a similar note: Broadway to Film has been a thing recently, and I'm super excited for Into the Woods next year. That'll cover a whole bunch of fairy tales. (And I find myself wondering when Wicked will happen, because - you know it's going to happen.)

    1. I had the same thought: I wonder what's taking so long to get a Wicked film? The musical has so many fans, you know it would be profitable. I'd see it, anyway. :)


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