Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Harry Potter Gets a Makeover

The Harry Potter series is getting a makeover.

The Guardian has announced that a new edition of J.K. Rowling's beloved novels is coming starting in 2015 when the first book is to be re-released, with one new book being released every year thereafter, mirroring the original publishing schedule that started in 1997.  The article says this new series is to be "fully-illustrated," but after reading the article I still don't know what they mean by that.  I mean, several of the books in that series are quite thick.  Adding illustrations on every page would make it ginormous.  (Not that I would complain, mind you.)  I gather that by "fully-illustrated" they mean more than just a new cover re-design, though, right?  So it's probably just an image at the beginning of each chapter, like the original series includes...?  If anyone knows more details, please do share.

The Kate Greenaway Medal winner, Jim Kay, is the illustrator slated with this huge task.  When asked about his favorite character in the Harry Potter series, his answer was that that was "like trying to choose the shiniest object in Aladdin's Cave; you pick up one treasure, and another gem catches your eye." Good answer, Kay.  So far he has released an illustration of Harry and another of Hogwarts that give us a sense of his imaginings for this huge project:

Hogwarts looks a little gothic in this image, but I'd argue that the mystical, slightly dangerous, sweeping romanticism fits Hogwarts just right, home to three-headed dogs, basilisks, ghosts and wizards as it is.  I think these new illustrations will give a whole new feel to the Potter universe.  What do you think?

To read an interview with Jim Kay, click here.


  1. I think they are going to make millions because every fan will have to rebuy all of the books to prove they are a true fan.


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