Friday, December 6, 2013

Feature Friday: Everyday Reading

Three reasons you should check out Everyday Reading:

1) The blog is authored by a woman named Janssen.  How awesome is that?  Seriously, if I could choose a new name for myself it would be something strong, unique, and feminine like Janssen.  I bet she never had to go by Janssen M. in any of her classes at school when she was growing up.

2) She blogs about everyday life, focusing mostly on books, food, and style.  Really, that would have been enough for me, as I love books, food, and style.  But Janssen is really good at it.  She has excellent taste in books.  I've picked up a few books on her recommendation (Code Name Verity, most recently) and it was every bit as excellent as she said.  Her outfits on her style posts are adorable, and, luckily for me, not acquired at Versace or Dolce Gabana.  Janssen is proof that you can still look cute if you live in the Old Navy and Target realms of the world.  And her food posts... the pictures are enough to make me drool.  If I wasn't already certain we'd be friends, her love for her crock pot would have immediately convinced me.

3) Her voice is authentic.  There are some blogs out there where the author vaguely sugarcoats everything they say, to the point where you don't know if you are actually reading their own thoughts and opinions, but rather the things they think you want to hear?  Everyday Reading is not one of those blogs.  If Janssen doesn't like something, she'll tactfully but honestly say so.  Even if it's something shocking and potentially devastating, like her position on pumpkin.  She's real, and her blog reflects that.

Go check out Everyday Reading for yourself!

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