Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Dream Cast List

The Girl of Fire and Thorns series is one of the best I've read in a while, so naturally it's still on the brain weeks after finishing The Bitter Kingdom.   If I were a hot shot casting director (one of my dream occupations) here's who I would put in the main roles across the series.  (I'm focusing most of my casting on the last book, since that's what's freshest in my mind.)

America Ferrera as Elisa
(Honestly, I think I'd prefer an unknown in the lead.  America would also do well, though, I think.)

Naya Rivera as Elisa's big sister, Alodia

Adrian Grenier as Alejandro

Prateik Babbar as Humberto

Victoria Justice as Cosme

Zoe Saldana as Mara

Eva Mendes as Condessa Arina

Sharon Stone as Ximena
(Am I totally nuts?  I can't find a perfect Ximena, but for some reason Sharon is working for me here.)

Michael Trevino as Belen

Adam Rodriguez as Hector

Garrett Hedlund as Tristan

Jason Isaacs as Storm
(And not just because his role as Lucius Malfoy makes it really easy to envision him as a blond.  I think he has the intensity to pull off being an Invierno.)

That Afghan girl from the famous photograph by Steve McCurry as Mula/Red
(Seriously, this is was who was in my head while I was reading.  I think it's the eyes.)

Robin Wright as Waterfall


  1. First of all, let us all rejoice because the church has deemed you not-a-terrorist and now I can peruse this blog whenever I wish. I submitted like 10 exception requests and it may have worked. Hallelujah.

    Second, this topic interests me greatly.

    Okay, Jason Isaacs is a shot of pure brilliance. I never would have thought of him and yet he'd be beyond perfect. I can totally see him pull off the Storm sneer and he's sort of beautiful as a blonde.

    Also America Ferrera is who I thought of two chapters in to the first book. I am thrilled you thought of her too, she is the face I picture in my mind when I think of Elisa.

    I admit when thinking of Hector, I mostly thought of Ben Barnes. He's the kid that played Caspian in the Narnia movies and he's a hottie. I've never seen Adam Rodriguez in anything but he looks like he could be a Hector.

    I envision Tristan as Diego Boneta since he is so delicate looking.

    I also like Benjamin Bratt as Conde Eduardo, mostly because I think he could pull off the secretly sinister vibe.

    Ximena is a toughie for me as well. I like Isabella Rossellini. Ever since her Alias days, I think she is downright scary awesome.

    I'd like Andy Garcia for Elisa's father, mostly because I love Andy Garcia and I want him in this movie.

    I love Zoe Saldana but Catalina Sandino Moreno is who I was thinking for Mara.

    Can we figure out how to transform Mario Lopez into his 8 year old self so he can be the young little prince?

    And I know Claudio Miranda is not an actor but I think he'd be a great cinematographer for this film, not just because he won an academy award for "Life of Pi" but because Jason Isaacs could get some tips from him on how to look like Storm. Am I right?

    The afghan girl is a perfect choice. That made me LOL. It also freaks me out how perfect Adrian Grenier is for Alejandro. Well spotted.

    The rest I think are awesome choices. Applause.

    1. Lizzie you are brilliant. Such great suggestions. I think I like Isabella Rossellini better than Sharon Stone for Ximena. I struggled finding a perfect Hector. I think Adam Rodriguez looks the part, but I'm not very familiar with his acting chops, so take that suggestion with a grain of salt. Ben Barnes is a great actor, and I'd love him in the film, but I think he's got a sly-ness to him that better fits Belen than Hector. I'm not familiar with Catalina Sandino Moreno, but I googled her and she certainly looks like she'd be a great Mara. Great call on Tristan, Elisa's father, and Rosario (the young prince). I have nothing against kidnapping celebrities and forcing them into time machines to better cap off my dream cast lists.
      Lastly, Claudio Miranda has EXCELLENT Invierno hair. Rock on.

    2. We should do this for money. We're so good at it. I would love to hold casting calls with you, it'd be brill.

    3. Tots brill. We should expect phone calls from Ron Howard any day now.


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