Friday, October 25, 2013

Feature Friday: Random House's Pinterest Board

Three Reasons Why You Should Follow Random House Books on Pinterest:

1) Book eye candy.  Really, Pinterest is all about eye candy.  So if you love pretty things and you love books, these Pinterest boards have a ton to offer.  Especially their Bookshelf Envy and Best Book Covers boards.

2) Gift ideas.  Stumped as to what to get your book-loving friend for their birthday?  Head on over to Random House's Literary Wish List and A Book Lover's Christmas boards.  There's sure to be something to please.  I mean, just look at these three examples.  Amirite?

3) Writing resources and inspiration.  Their Writing Essentials board has links to podcasts, books, infographics, inspirational quotes, and all sorts of other goodies for writers.  I defy you to look at that board and NOT be inspired to write something.

Check them out!

**Note: This is not a sponsored post.  I just really love their Pinterest boards.**

**Another Note: Should Random House ever want to sponsor me, or have anything at all to do with me, THE ANSWER IS YES.**


  1. That phone cover is AWESOME. And I know plenty of librarians who would loooove it, too!

    1. I know, right? I'm thinking of getting those Star Wars stacking dolls for a certain little person for Christmas. And I really want that bag for myself...


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